Progression Through The Practice


    On my 21st day of this amazing challenge, I can honestly say that I have carved a new path for myself physically and mentally as well. It is not any where near over with by any means. I just had some serious revelations about the word practice in general today after my class. To be blunt, practice can be boring, tedious, very slow moving, and devoid of any visible results for many years in some instances. It is said that it takes roughly 10,000 hours of consistent practice to become an expert at something, however, what does being an expert mean to your personally? The expert also tends to be that person who's mind is less receptive to newness, therefore, remaining in the student realm can afford you a lifetime of discoveries and insights. Even if people refer to you as an expert, you can still remain a student for your entire life.

    Class today was extremely pleasurable for me and a bit too easy in some poses. I am saying that in the most humble way, because every day is so different based on a myriad of factors. My mind and my body are just deciding to work together more, therefore, my struggling "lizard brain", as it is called, is quieting down more and more every day. I believe that there are certain noticeable signs that someone engages in regular yoga practice. I am starting to notice so many similarities in the way yogis relate to one another as well. It is a small tight family that is connected to many other tight families, which collectively makes it one gigantic tribe of juicy, open, and high vibrating human beings.

     So going back to practice. Practicing does not guarantee anything specific, so you have to just show up and allow the magic to unveil when the time is right. I mean imagine if you had to take a trip and you knew that a certain train would take you there from door to door. The only problem was, you did not know exactly when the train would leave the station? You would just have to show up and be ready for it to depart right? This is my feeling about yoga to the letter. I remember just feeling like someone just pushed a knife through my back whenever I did the slightest back bend. Tonight in class, the teacher silently complimented me on my back bend and it made me smile. Trust me, even smiling in a back bend can be challenging!!!!! By the way, I have collectively been practicing yoga for over 3 years.

     There are many things that I want to practice more this year in the most consistent way that I have ever approached them. One of my favorite sayings is to wake up each day and eat that frog first!!! I learned that from a book called Eat That Frog , which I highly recommend to every one. It basically means to do the thing that you least want to do that is the most difficult first every day. This way whatever happens after that is sure to be a win. That was the way that I looked at practicing yoga until I felt it shifting, and now its becoming more and more pleasurable. I am sure that you can read between the lines and feel the hidden gem in that sentence.

     I have decided to reward myself with a personal gift upon completion of this wonderful journey. I am going to.........well, I actually have not decided what it will be yet. I only know that it will involve soothing my body. Maybe it will be a nice spa treatment or a new pair of yoga shorts or something. I am still working on that! It's Saturday night and I am off to retrieve my telephone. Send me good vibes so that it will be back in my hands tonight. Sending you all so much strong and purposeful energy...   Chase


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