Nature Continues To Teach

   Entering the room today for my 25th day of hot yoga was beautiful. Firstly, the room was just packed and that makes you have to stay more focused on yourself in every way. The majority of the space you take up during this practice stays on the mat, however, you do extend your arms and bend forward here and there, so you have to use your space carefully. There are so many amazing souls that practice with me and I am grateful for each and every one of them. My body was open and ready to receive the practice today and boy did I get it!! I keep letting myself know that I have been in that room for 25 days in a row without even one day off!! As I said to a friend of mine recently, if you can come here everyday for 60 to 90 minutes, then nothing is impossible in your life. We always make time for what is most important to us I truly believe that. There are no exceptions.

    I have a plant in my dining room. This is a picture of it above. A little back story on it. I was at a very close friend's house a couple of years ago and she had one of these and I really fell in love with it right away. How do I fall in love with a plant like this? It is simple, green, neat, and constantly reaching up higher. I resonate with those qualities. So I asked her where she got it and she actually got one for me. I have had this plant for at least two plus years at minimum. The magic of this tree is that it keeps fighting to stay alive. Actually, fight is the wrong word, it keeps finding a way to exist as long as it is given what it needs. At one point, I thought it was going to die and I realized that I had not been paying as much attention to it as I had in the beginning. I quickly cut all the dead parts away and I changed my actions immediately.

    Each and every day I walk up to it, water it, and silently or out loud tell it that it is beautiful. This is my own personal ritual that I just made public. You can only see it from the bottom of the triad of leaves, however, just a month ago only one long one was alive. I have truly been amazed by how my slight change in attitude towards it really made a difference. Now the thing that really floored me was what I noticed this morning. As you look at the picture, do you see the green stick coming out of the dirt? I put that there a week ago because that lovely green piece was leaning and about to lay flat. It is a green chopstick. I had forgotten about it in truth, because it was out of my view based on where I had it positioned. Then this morning when I went to water it, the stick was not touching the plant!

    I can directly liken this whole story to us as human beings. Some of us have been without any support for so long that we do not expect it and we consider it a lost cause. However, some of us just need one person to just reach out their hand or arm or anything that can help for a little while so that we can build our own momentum. Then we can charge forward in an entirely different way. I will give this plant a new pot within the month and watch it grow even taller I am sure. I have always been so fascinated with how nature just accepts the care that it is given. If it is treated well, it stays. If it is treated poorly, it perishes. So how would it be if we released all that did not serve us and embraced all that did? Do you think our lives would look a little bit different? Nature never struggles, ever. How bout them apples? Onward


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