Happy New Year!!!!

  I am working on a new face for the blog for 2012. I love the red!!! Once again, I thank you all for taking a few minutes and coming here. Today was a day of introspection and gratefulness. My yoga class was very revealing from a physical point of view. The poses that were challenging for me told a story of their own. I started a 30 day yoga challenge today just like I did at the beginning of the year before. What would happen if you did that special something for 30 days in a row?  I am pushing myself this year in a few ways.

   This picture makes me think about being a force on your own and harnessing boldness. This leaf fell on this pedestal on its own and I had to capture it!!! There is so much exciting stuff in store for the blog this year! I cannot wait to show it to you. Put pen to paper and let the universe know what you plan to manifest for the year!!! It makes a difference, I promise. Here's to the new!!!!!!   Chase



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