Flying While Engaged In Yoga

  This year is getting off to a very quick start. I have completed my 8th day of yoga in a row on my way to 30 days straight and I am already reaping the benefits of the clarity that the practice provides. I see it as taking inventory on yourself from the inside out and then acting accordingly as necessary. Doing more for others, acting with intention, noticing the ego before it rises up and out of control, and lastly, being very, very, grateful for every sliver of your life.

   I had a conversation with a stranger this week and we got to talking about travel. He asked me if I have done much traveling out of the country and I told him that I had in fact traveled to many countries. Then I told him that I had been "flying" emotionally, spiritually,and geographically for many years. I really believe this statement and it keeps me afloat every day. Being in yoga daily is truly a heart opener. I notice so many things about my journey that are connected to the actual experience each and every time I place myself on the mat. For example, there are always more women in class than there are men. Why do you think that is? Sit with that for a moment....

   A few days ago, I had a glorious dinner with one of my closest friends in the city. She is a lovely woman who is happily married and living an exceptional life. She asked me a question that is still swimming around in my head. She asked me why I am so committed to doing better at everything that I do? She asked me what exactly was I trying to prove and to whom? I told her that I was not trying to prove anything to anyone, however, I do want to be the absolute best that I can be with my natural gifts. I want to be a catalyst for even just one person who may feel like the world is just to heavy to hold on to anymore. My commitment to this is one of my strongest focuses in life.

    Treating life like a chess game and making an effort to plan some moves ahead of time is a wonderful tool. However, doing this too much can cause you to miss what is right in front of you. At this point we are confronted with that ever present word, "balance." So can you be in the moment and plan for the future at the same time? I believe that they must be done at separate times because in a millisecond, the moment is gone. However, looking forward is almost always the key.

     Another close friend of mime has just moved to another state based on things not lining up properly where she was. I decided to cushion her entry at her new location by sending her a hand written letter with a small monetary gift inside. Her reaction to this simple gesture was colossal!! If I could play the call on this blog I would. The fact of the matter is, that moment is gone. I saw the whole situation in my mind, and quite honestly, it worked out about 85% the way that I saw it. So something that took me about 5 minutes to execute will probably guarantee her with weeks, months, or even years of positive mental bliss that will inevitably spill out onto another soul in a very short time from now. I urge you to plant more seeds of love, selflessness, gratefulness, and compassion.

      I will leave you now. But before I do, please take a look at this magnificent video that shows the power of a consistent yoga practice and how it can truly transform you into something that defies the norm. Namaste




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