This is a word that I concocted just because it just feels right. Some of the asanas that I get into with my practice are just as much ecstasy as they are agony. The blend of the two keep you humble and striving ahead. This was my 28th day in a row of yoga today and it was very challenging. I actually did a version of the above posture. Is something making it harder in the final days? That is only true if I make it so, this I know without a doubt. The room was juicy and hot today as usual, however, I took a class with a teacher that normally teaches another style and it pushed me to my wall a bit. I was panting and working very hard on my breathing. It was a major challenge.

    The owner of this studio has what is called a community class on Saturdays and it was starting up as I was leaving. I will be taking pictures of the class in the coming weeks so I am very excited about this. I really loved seeing all of these people who would probably never have entered the studio otherwise gearing up for class. This class is free and it allows first timers and others to come in and learn and possibly get more serious about the practice. I have never seen another studio allow a free class to the neighborhood every weekend on a Saturday! That is so huge in my book and it is definitely sending warm and inviting energy out to the community.

    I am preparing to write down all that has come to the light for me during this past 30 days. I will share my insights, lessons and perspective. My hope is that through my journey you too may see a possibility to just taking a step into this magical arena where your soul and body are working in tandem to create a better you minus any distractions. I am so excited about this time in my life. My body is tingling from class still as I write this posting.
It is another magic day in the world. Time to go and serve others through music.....Chase


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