Creativity Never Disappoints Me

   As I was walking around in Williamsburg, Brooklyn today, I stumbled upon a place that made me smile from ear to ear and then once again. I am particularly drawn to places that are wood inspired or rustic or anything that looks as though it were made by hand. It also goes without saying that I am like a book magnet. If you can read it, write in it, or just flip through it, then it's for me. I love the way paper smells and the way different textures of certain books feel in my hands. I also love the fact that every time I pick up a book, I can never be quite sure what is inside of it. The mystery soothes me....

    I have to give a big shout out to The Brooklyn Art Library. Now I have seen maybe thousands of creative contests, shows, installations, galleries, and so forth. Well, I am here to say that these guys are on the path of greatness in every way. The store itself has several thousands of sketchbooks from people who live in over 94 countries as well as in every state in the country. Any person from anywhere in the world can be a part of this project. All you have to do is pay an entry fee of $25 and then they will send you a book to create a sketchbook that you will then send back to them. It will then be showcased in The Brooklyn Art Library and it will even tour around the states at different showings throughout the year!

    So naturally I will be a part of this incredible opportunity because it truly excites me to the core. This is a way to leave your mark in history by exposing your version of creativity within the pages of a sketchbook. This evening as I looked inside at least 7 sketchbooks, I was transported to different places. I viewed books from Argentina, India, Melbourne, Italy, and even Brooklyn! To view the books in person you have to sign up for a library card in the store (clever). Then you can sit at one of the side tables and just take in the strength of these amazing books. Right now they are in the process of digitizing all of the books and creating one book that has a page or two from every sketchbook that has been submitted since the start of this project!

   I urge you to visit this incredible place if you are in the NY area. Aside from this jaw dropping library of creative sketchbooks, they have many of the things that one would use to create an out of this world book for sale as well! They have pencils, plain books that are big and small, paints, and so many other things that will inspire you. I was so happy in this place that I truly cannot explain it fully, trust me.So take a few minutes and go to The Sketchbook Project . I think that you will be very happy that you did. Tell anyone you know that is an artist or even people that like to collage or to just doodle about this. This was magic to the tenth power for me!!

    Day 2 of my 30 day hot yoga challenge was just incredible. I will keep you all informed day by day. The year is kicking off famously!!! Keep your head to the sky people!!!



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