Cracking Open

  I have said this over and over again. As soon as you commit to becoming more, the universe opens up more opportunities to you and it tests you beyond belief. It would be as if you are in a batting cage and at first the balls are coming at you one every 10 seconds. Then after about thirty minutes the balls are shooting at you one every 2 seconds. The balls that come slow are easy to hit and you can get bored and possibly miss a few. However, the balls that shoot out quicker will definitely create a heightened awareness. Your swings have to be come more precise and your eye must become sharper.The magic here is that you are the person that requests to turn up the volume so that you can grow. What an amazing gift to give yourself.
   This is the 13th day of my new year and my yoga challenge is still intact. Each time I enter the room I feel the warmth of newness and the cracking open of many new perspectives. My body was trembling during class yesterday and I held on and made it through. To be clear, I struggled a little bit and it was not a mistake in any way. I have learned that struggle and/or uncertainty, is part of the process and it cannot be ignored on any day of the week. I diversify my practice by going to different classes at different times with different instructors and it is completely stimulating in every way. It challenges me totally and completely.

    On another note, I truly appreciate everyone who is connected to this blog. I am receiving more and more emails and even calls from people that are saying things to me that are just incredibly moving. My prime concern here is to connect and to offer all of the diamonds that I carry around with me in my mental carrying case. I call them diamonds because they are always shining and they never lose their value whether I share them with others or not. We are all playing so small most of the time. Why do you think that is? It's because of that lovely four letter word, "fear". I still have daily temporary bouts with this seemingly real demon, however, as I become more aware of its presence, I become less influenced by it. It's like being a thief and seeing the police in the corner of your eye. You would be less apt to steal if you knew you were being watched, correct? So the next time you are about to do something that you are afraid to do, just stop and say, "I see you back there", and do it anyway. Off to yoga!!!


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