And Then It Was Done...Day 24


   One of the most powerful lessons that has come through this practice is breathing through the tension. When a moment that challenges you arrives, you concentrate more on your breathing than the actual pose. This comes with time and I am in no way an expert at it yet. The magic in this is that I feel it happening little by little. Today's class is the most challenging of the three different styles of class that I take. It involves a flow of sorts that moves your body in many directions and takes your heart rate up and down many times in the 75 minutes.

    Each and every time I take this class, I walk out very depleted, yet energized. What an amazing feeling to feel as though you have made yourself stronger by pushing to the edge of your comfort zone. Today in class I was struggling a little bit, however, I kept going as the sweat dripped from every part of my body. I made a breakthrough today that truly made me proud. I completed the class as I always do, the difference was that I did not feel the time passing by. I went from pose to pose and let my breathing relax me all the way through. At one point in the class, I heard the teacher say that we should relax in our own savasana and seal our practice as we saw fit. I turned around on my back in amazement, and then it was done.

    When our minds are properly engaged, time is no longer an issue. Think about the best massage, or the best movie, or even the best soft and warm kiss that you ave ever experienced. When these things were in motion, nothing else mattered. Through this 30 day challenge, I am reawakening to what it means to have complete focus on what is happening in this very moment, right now. Today was day 24 of this short yet powerful journey. These last days will prove to bring me to another plateau of challenges and mindsets for sure. I am still wondering how I will reward myself on that final day. Actually, I will have already received my gift because I am feeling it already.

     It is said that the more we look for outside things to make us happy, the more difficult it is to find ourselves. I pay close attention to this each and every day. In the same breath, I do believe that we should reward ourselves for stepping out of our comfort zones whenever we can. I see more people dragging themselves down than being grateful for how far they have come amidst the noise and negativity. Make this a great day. Go somewhere that you have been wanting to go. Call someone that you have been wanting to call. Sit down and read a chapter of that book that keeps staring at you form the bookshelf. Change the vibration, just give it a shot...



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