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Another Year Has Past

As a child, I specifically remember my father saying that the time will go faster as I mature and I thought that was such a backwards statement at the time. He was right on point in every sense. This has been the absolute, hands down, fastest year of my life. So much happened, and even more importantly, I have learned so much more about myself this year that it is truly earth shattering. I also feel that I am on the field more now than ever. In the past I would talk about certain things and just not follow through on them. Now, following through is more important to me than it has ever been.

    Most people take this day and think of what they want to accomplish in the coming year. There is nothing bad about this, however, we also need to take time to celebrate what we have already done in the year that has past. We are not the people that we were when we started the year off, we have grown. Undoubtedly, there are people that you used to speak to that are no longer in your life. T…

She Sent Him A Signal

Today was my once a month shift day at an amazing coop that has the best things that anyone could want to eat and more. I see many of the same people there when I do my shift, however, the past two times I have been doing shifts for another member. That atmosphere there is so interesting each and every time. Today was quiet due to the holidays, yet there was an energy nonetheless.

     I worked with one of my favorite people there for the biggest part of my two hour and 45 minute shift. I love to watch how people interact with each other in this kind of situation. Less than 20 people in the building actually work there as a regular job, the rest are just volunteer members. For giving your time, you are able to buy the freshest, local, produce and countless other things as well. It is really so much fun!

     So as I was lifting juice containers and handing them off to another guy, I noticed a woman walking up near me on my right side. Firstly, she was focused on my friend. She had…