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A Day Of Wander

Sometimes we need to just flow and allow things to happen for a few days at a time. Please do not confuse that sentence with just letting life happen without any of your own influence. We influence every day either directly or indirectly, but I digress. I am speaking of just walking outside and aimlessly traveling through the day and just taking it all in gratefully, openly, and clearly.

   Yesterday I was notified that a close friend of mine had taken his life. This hit me hard because I felt it brewing for a long time. The thing that keeps me going though, is that he was an example of what can happen from the inside out if you do not continue to filter the old for the new. His energy was heavy each and every time that I saw him, however, he always smiled at me and I always made him laugh. He was such a great guy with so much love inside of him. I cannot place any judgment on him for taking his life, because I do not know first hand how much pain he truly carried around with him d…

A Winter Solstice Day

Yes it is here! The shortest day of the year and the beginning of winter. This day was full of serving others with my time and money as it relates to this time of the year when we give and show appreciation to those that we love and cherish the most. There were thousands of people walking the streets with bags and smiles and hurried looks on their faces as if Christmas was in the morning. Although I am not a fan of making yourself stressed and overdrawn financially or mentally as a result of this time of year, I made my contribution today in a detailed and focused way.

  Well, as with any other situation or day, there are ups and there are challenges. I had a conversation today that gave me pause and took me down to a place that I had to pull up from very quickly. Truth be told, when you feel your ego rising to meet another ego, don't. Any sentence, thought, or inference, can be completely misconstrued. Words on paper, through text on a phone, or through another person that rel…

The Things That We Do Well

Straight talk. There are so many things that we do well that we do not even think about. The list includes:
eatingriding a bikefinding our way homelaughingmaking excuses  (That struck a nerve didn't it?) assumingwashing our bodiestaking out the garbageflushing a toiletgetting the mail out of the boxdrivingwalkingand so on...So what is my point? You may be asking yourself right now....

   My point is that we do all of these things so well because we do them consistently. So what could you accomplish if you did it consistently starting today? Is there something that you want to be excellent at? Ask yourself then, what am I not doing consistently enough to become really great at it?

   It is almost the beginning of a new year and there has never been a greater time than right now to begin!!! Starting anything new has nothing to do with the new year beginning, by the way. Even that is a learned behavior that people have come to act upon accordingly. Throw out your calender and just start…