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Free Enterprise

Imagine waking up when you want to. Going to the movies and the market and to a friends house during any part of the day. What if you had no boss and the only person you could blame when your pockets were empty was you? How about the ability to travel and stay there as long as you wish because your business allowed you to be mobile? Can you just close your eyes and visualize the amount of things that could be done when time and/or money was not an issue? If you really concentrate on it, I can tell you it is possible.

   I live a life that is very close to what I have described above right now. The most exciting part of this all is that I am getting closer to it every month that goes by based on leveraging some of my skills in various directions. Did you know that millions of dollars are made during times that are so called "recession" periods? How driven do you have to be to run in the opposite direction that the other people are running in? Years ago I heard Miles Davis…