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This Always Happens To Me

This is a phrase that I hear all too often and I heard it again yesterday and it affected me from the inside out. Truth be told, I used to say this to myself in a slightly negative way until I realized that there was more power in it than I had bargained for in the end. A couple of days ago something happened to me that was beautiful and I realized after it happened that I tell people that this particular thing always happens to me. What is it you ask? I always run into people that I admire, like from the entertainment industry, or think about too much.

   I was on the upper east side waiting for a good friend of mine. We had a dinner outing planned. Because I am so intent on being timely, I was very early, so I decided to wander and just fill up the time in a calm fashion. I browsed windows and people watched for about 45 minutes. Shortly after, I got an urge to enter the book store and look at some newly released books. As I entered the location, I immediately saw a face that I re…