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Fourteen Plus Minutes Of Magic

Grab a comfortable seat and watch this. There are truly no boundaries when the human spirit wants to show love or express itself!!! Incredible.
    This video is about 14 minutes and 27 seconds, however, it is worth every second of your attention. Have a great time watching it!!!

Life truly is grand!!!!!! Chase

What You See Is What You "Choose" To Get

It is painfully obvious that I am an avid observation junkie. I love NYC and all that it has to offer and I take in so much information that not one day goes by that I am not pondering on at least 10 things in the course of a day. What do I do to turn it all off? I meditate. That is for another post though.

   Anyhow, I am just amazed at how many messages are forced into our minds daily no matter where we live in the country. We have the choice which ones to pay attention to and how long we choose to do it as well. It's just that these messages just don't stop! So we have to just choose what resonates with us and move through the funnel so to speak. Well these images that I captured on my phone are some of the ones that gave me pause or a little chuckle over the past month or so. I snap new ones almost daily as you can probably guess.

   So take a look at these and just see how they make you feel. I love how certain words or images give us pause and force us to face or run…


Recently, I have become a bit more sensitive to this word and what it really means to some people. It seems that the word "work" is used to create a sense of purpose even when that purpose is not to your advantage or to your liking. If you have a "job", then you show up each day and trade about 75% of your day and you give it all that you can. If you do not have a job, you are still working in other ways that still may or may not be connected to a goal that will move you forward in a mental way. So what are we "working" for exactly?

   We all have things that have to be taken care of in our every day lives. These bills come every month even when we don't want them to without fail. However, how much of what you pay for do you really need to be truly content? I watch so many of my friends work so hard to maintain things that are actually pushing them backwards. I say this not because I see it personally, but because they tell me about it themselves. …

Love On Display

As this holiday weekend dwindles down to its end, I am filled with so much gratefulness because of those that I came into contact with on a personal level. I reconnected with someone who is truly living a strong and high vibrational life, in my opinion. I worked in the same place as this young man about 10 years ago. Actually let's be real, we played, we did not work. The life of the performers on this massive cruise liner was nothing short of a blessing as well as an extended vacation in my perspective. During that time, we created a bond that I knew would stand the test of time.

   Cut to 2011. He and I are now living in the same city and we are still doing what we love the most, sharing our talent with the world many times a month. Over this past week, we have seen each other two times. That is more than we have seen each other over the last three years, being as we live so close. He is quite the handsome young man and has always had women flocking to him no matter where he …