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The Souls Threshold

What we resist persists. What we allow proceeds. What we decide becomes a reality. These three sentences are real and they show up all over the place if we pay close attention. When you are too close to fire, you will inevitably move away from it. When you are too full, you will stop eating. When are too tired, you will sleep. All of these sentences cannot be denied.

   The flip side to all of this is our souls. Be it through love, pride, disgust, or even happiness, when we are dealing with the deep internal, we tend to second guess or ignore the signals. If you are somewhere that you do not want to be, you should leave. If you are about to say something that you do not mean, stop and change it in your mind before it is set free through your lips. Our time is so valuable and precious here. If it hurts someone that you are dealing in truth, then that relationship with suffer in the future guaranteed.

    Living full out is a challenge for most people. I look at those who have lived …