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Watching And Reaping

Yesterday I was walking casually through an amazing indoor shopping area, one of my favorites in NYC. The stores in this particular place are not the run of the mill for the average pocket. The places are upscale and mixed in with them are some very exclusive restaurants as well. As I wandered around aimlessly before an appointment that I had, something interesting happened and it made me feel very good.

   I was traveling up on the escalator and I reached into my pocket to pull out my phone. After glancing at it and sending a short one word text, I had reached the top of the ride. Seconds afterward, I heard this little yelp or mild scream if you will, I turned around instantly. It was a young woman who was behind me on the same escalator who had found a ten dollar bill on the last step just floating there. She was with 3 of her friends and they were a bit startled too it seemed. I saw the whole thing and I realized that I had dropped the bill. I did not say anything though, becaus…

Thanks / Giving

It's that time of the year again. During these last two months of the year people are generally more aware of how important it is to give and that is great. I have probably received 10 different envelopes in the mail requesting that I send money for meals at Thanksgiving and clothing and many other causes. I love to give and I love the atmosphere that it creates as well. I woke up today thinking about the amazing power of these two words that are just about synonymous in my opinion.

We have all given thanks in one way or another at some point in our lives. When you think about it, giving thanks is something that can be expressed with a tangible gift as well as some energy exchanged from your soul to another. It is also true that when you give, you are exchanging thanks in the form of something that cannot be seen that is sure to reach the target person or group as well. So forming one word and creating this whole movement around it is truly a gift. 

    I have the amazing gift of ha…

The Now, Right Now, This Moment

People all around us are giving us signals. These signals and messages are happening now. So why is it that we get them mixed up then? In part, the reason is that we are living in the now, but feeling from the past. You are today who you are because of the culmination of your life's experiences. If you have always felt that you were never enough, then you probably still feel that way today. If you have never, ever had enough money in your life, then you probably feel that way right now as well. There is a little twist to these truths thought, your words.

   Have you ever woken up and said that it was going to be a less than incredible day? Without knowing you at all, I can guess that it probably turned out that way. Those who claim that they will never find a partner, usually do not, and then they revel in the fact that they were right by repeating it over and over again. The point that I am making is that your words in the now will create the future. Although it's not just…