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"You Made My Day"

In this life we have so many ways to make others smile. The great thing is that sometimes you do not even know that you are doing it. Yesterday I was walking into one of my favorite juice places in the city and I had an interaction with a woman that truly warmed my heart.

  Firstly, you never know who you are talking to in the world when you open your mouth. By that I mean, you don't know who know who or who is connected to whom. The first thing that got my attention right away was the way that I was greeted when I stepped into the spot, which is about 4 feet long tin each direction for the customer. The guy behind the counter smiled and said hello and his boss, who turned out to be the owner, greeted me with warmth as well. Remember, I have never met either of these people before in my entire life. I had been in this place maybe 4 times prior to yesterday, however, this time was special.

   I started out by asking if he could make me a smoothie with blueberries, coconut water…

So Busy

How many things can we do in one day? Out of those things that we can do, how many of them do we really want to do? Lastly, how many of those things do we do without thinking about the time? How many times have you heard someone say that they are so busy, yet they are completely unhappy and way under nourished in their soul?

   Let's break it down to brass tacks here. There are 24 hours in a day. Let's say that after subtracting an average of 6 hours for sleep for the average person, we have 18 hours left.  Then we take away the average 8 hours of work per day, which leaves us at 10 hours. Also, don't forget that you are probably only truly "working" about half of that time depending on where you work. Anyhow, with ten solid hours on any given day, do you think that you can get the things that you are most passionate about done? Can you call everyone that matters to you and just say hello or how are you? You would not call all of them every day, but you get m…

When You See Something, Do Something

I warn you that this posting will go from "tragic" to "magic" this time around. I see so many things as I travel through the days and this was no exception. People seem to expose their personal sides in public more and more these days, and the following story exhibits this in more ways than one.

  So there I was, walking down the street by myself. Up ahead, I see what looks like a Japanese couple talking to each other in a very heated fashion. As I was just about to pass them, I see the woman grab the guy by his chin area and I hear her say, "You see? This is what you do to me all of the time! This doesn't feel good does it?" Well, I was a bit taken aback by her words and then I felt something would happen right afterward. I was absolutely correct, I turned around after passing them, and saw him swing at her and his hand landed on her face. Yes this is happening in broad daylight on 23rd Street and Madison Avenue. My heart sunk and I was stopped co…