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There Will Always Be Another Word

As far back as I can remember, I have been completely fascinated by words. Without them, many things in life would be far different than they are now. Just think of all of the ways words are utilized in every day life. There is a statistic that says that the average person commonly uses 1500 to 2000 words with frequency. In other words, we can get by on these alone and not have to delve into the other several thousands that are at our disposal.

   When I read a book, I underline the words that I do not understand or have never seen before. Today I began reading "The Triumph Of Sam Cooke:Dream Boogie. I am a fan of this guy in so many ways. Anyhow, three words came up in the first 40 pages that gave me pause. The first was, "pernicious". The second was, "rectitude". The last one was, "taciturn". Although, I have seen one of these words before, I had no idea what any of them meant. So I made sure that I promised myself to define them later on. Ther…

More Faces In Books

I am completely amazed with the speed that "Facebook" has shot around the world and back and just taken the globe in its hands. It is a place that literally is visited by millions each and every day not matter what happens outside of it. I can think of many things that "need" to be done every day for almost every human being, however, "Facebook" and the amount of time spent on it daily by the average person is really daunting being as it is not considered a necessity to live. I need to say right here at this very moment that I use "Facebook" daily as well. I do not abuse it or let it take hours of my time away, but I am there to share a quote or to read the musings and so forth of my many friends.

   I am also a huge fan of books. They are the ultimate foundation in my opinion. We live in a time where nothing is a secret anymore. All knowledge, all instruction, and all that was once seemingly unattainable is now available to everyone by just …

Laser Focused Gratefulness

My first call today was from one of my favorite energies as a person. He called to catch up with me and that we did. I will meet with him this week and have a pow wow that will sure to be uplifting and inspiring as it always is. We expect to share and to have a great time and it happens exactly that way every time.

  The call ended and I got an email saying that the boiler in the basement was out and that  there was no heat or hot water. As I braced myself for the cold washing of my body, I thought to myself that there are people who at this very second are taking their "normal" everyday cold shower and not even thinking about it at all. They have become so accustomed to it that it is not even a thought. That led me into my complete and unyielding state of gratefulness. I have an amazingly beautiful apartment that overlooks a picturesque park, tons of books, cameras, clothing, curios from around the world, food, water, electricity, and most of all great health. 

   So take …