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Jon Bon Jovi's Soul Kitchen

I really respect this man in so many ways. He has gone from a young boy with big dreams of being a successful musician to a grown man with fulfilled dreams and he is still giving of himself. I had the pleasure of meeting him very briefly one night in Manhattan and he was the real deal. I wanted to post this to spread the word about his new project as well as to use him as an example of how there is always a way to give and to be instrumental in another person's life. This is truly magic!!! I will visit it and volunteer soon... Chase

    John Bon Jovi's Soul Foundation 
******Click above for more info******

1635 Market Street, 17th floor
Philadelphia, PA 19103


Jon Bon Jovi Soul Kitchen from JBJ Soul Kitchen on Vimeo.

Its Just Not The Same Without You

I have written quite a few posts on the affect that we have on each other in the past few months. It seems as though I am clearer than I have ever been about this concept. Truth be told, I believe that I am concentrating on the things outside of myself so much more, that it causes me to do even more for people on a daily basis.

    The title of this posting is something that is a gem of a sentence in many ways. When we notice the people that can make a particular situation sparkle its one thing. However, when we take that person out of the situation, what do we do for ourselves? Put another way, if the ace man or woman is not around, can you keep the ball moving? A mentor of mine once thanked me for being at a specific meeting and then told me that it would not have been the same without me. I could have chosen to have an ego driven response to that comment or to have seen it for what the bare bones information provided. Had I not been there, if the total in attendance was 110, I…