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Do Not Choose To Stop Believing

We were deep into a conversation and many fruitful things were discussed. As we transitioned into the topic of karma, her comments were completely different than the ones that had become before them. I remained patient and non judgmental so that she could have the space that she needed to flow freely with her thoughts. I felt like a small golden retriever puppy that just wanted to burst into the dog park, but his owner was just walking right past it and not giving it any attention at all.

    She spoke of how she used to believe in karma, but too many things happened and now she no longer believes at all. She went to church, read the bible, helped others and everything. Life had dealt her a series of bad hands and toxic individuals. It was her opinion that the higher power was no longer what she thought it was and that in some ways, she was flying her own plane with very little support. "Why do these things happen if there is a God?" Why do people who have lived good liv…

When You Like It, Tell Them So

They say that babies cry for it and grown men die for it. What is it that I speak of? Recognition. We have interaction with hundreds of people a day no matter where we are in the world. If you walk outside of your house, you will have some sort of human interaction each and every day. So when this happens, the opportunity to connect or to be verbal about the things that affect us becomes a field of open opportunities.

   A few days ago I was just picking up a juice and a salad at a place that I love here in the city. As I was speaking to the woman who was ringing up my food I was so taken by how happy and polite and full of energy she was!! I have been to at least 5 other locations of this particular eatery and it seems that they were all just like this. So I took it upon myself to go online right there in the store with my cell phone and look for the customer service email. Mind you it was about 9:45 or so at night and they were about to close. I write this only because it is fair…

The Blind Leading The Blind

Imagine this. You are a blind person and your best friend that you love and cherish more than any other human being on this planet is blind as well. You both walk around with long poles that help you navigate around your city so that you do not accidentally run into anyone. You have been doing this for many years. Truth be told, you do not know any differently because you were born blind.

   One may ask the question, how did you meet your best friend? This is a question that could have a myriad of answers, so I will leave that question as well as the answer to your own imagination. The bigger question is, how do you build trust with another blind person and get to a point where you will take their lead as you walk through a major busy city if both of you cannot see? Who is worthy of taking the lead if neither one of you can navigate the road ahead without some help?

    These questions and more come to mind as I sat and ate some food in the window of a NYC eatery. I was enjoying m…