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Love Fascination

We have heard the word ""love"" maybe millions of times in our lives. Here are some examples:
"I love you." "Do you love me?""I love that car!""I am so in love with you.""Love should have brought you home last night!""Love sucks!""You don't love me the right way!""Love takes time.""Show me that you love me!"
    Hopefully most of us were shown ""what"" it was before we actually ""knew"" what it was. When ever the word comes up or how ever it is used, it always seems to give people a pause from the inside out. It bears a responsibility that is sometimes too much for the average person to handle and only they know why at that particular moment.

    My experiences with love have led me to believe that you can only recognize it if you are feeling it for yourself, which can be very telling in certain situations. Some love just to se…

Fuel For Songwriters, Courtesy of Sting

This song and the words spoken before it are truly magic to me.  Enough said.


"I Got To Take This Call" / Tech Etiquette

Remember when you were younger and there was one phone in your life? I mean like one number that was for the entire household? This will apply to almost every person reading this posting with a few exceptions because of age of course. The phone was something that we used very little for the most part for one reason and one reason alone, it was not in our pocket or attached to a speaker system in our cars or our ears.

   I can remember coming home from a long day of playing with my friends and having my mother tell me that one of my friends had called and I was so excited! I would rush to call them back and if I reached them there was so much satisfaction in it. The other side of the coin however, was that I didn't always get them due to that nasty busy signal! I still can remember that call waiting was not a necessity back then.

   Cut to the present moment. As I walk streets of NYC daily, the new status quo is head down and text vigorously. So how can you see what is coming i…