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Developing "Shelf" Esteem

If you could not tell already, reading is one of the most important things in my life. It allows me to detach from the world and cleanse my mental gears. Many times after I read I actually feel lighter as I walk around as strange as it may seem. In the very near future I will be writing some books on some of my life experiences and many observations and I am very excited about it to say the very least. In my opinion, we all have a story that must be told. The individual uniqueness of our lives is truly fascinating.

     From time to time I get into conversations with people who are close to me and they ask me why I read so much? I usually tell them that I have to keep my mind clear from the many distractions that are out there because I have big plans for the future. That does not exactly go over well with most of them because they feel as though they are just fine without reading at all. To all of them I say the same thing, do what is comfortable for you. With more reading comes…

99 Cent Stores/ Thrift Stores

Have you ever been in a 99 cent store? If you have not, then you are missing out in a big way. The common attitude is that you don't need anything from there and that if you did, you would go elsewhere for sheer pride reasons. However, the truth is that many things we pay for are so overpriced that it would shock us if we really knew the actual value of it from the beginning.

      I had a great conversation with a gorgeous woman who is currently living on the west coast and she was literally smiling through the phone explaining her experience at the 99 cent store. I go to them from time to time to pick up random staples and when I do I fall into the experience like quicksand in the desert. There are a plethora of things that we either need or want for prices that just don't seem legal. Ask yourself, do you really need to spend that 6 dollars on a toiletry that you can get for 99 cents? I will say that quality is quality and some things should be purchased with that in m…

Holding Hands

A simple action with immense power. People hold hands for different reasons at different times and it has become a strong curiosity for me over the years. When someone holds your hand it signifies a connection, a bond, a state of oneness if you will. The nice thing is that if someone does hold your hand in a special way, you will never forget it. I was caught up in a moment this morning thinking about how a certain person held my hand. This was a feeling that I had never had prior to this time. The hold was firm and full of meaning. It was as if there was an entire conversation happening between our fingers. It left an impression on my soul that will never be erased. It has been proven that when two people hold hands that it calms the part of the brain that deals with stress and anxiety. This means that we all have our own private analgesic "on hand" literally 24 hours a day. Select partner, insert hand, open mind. Simple instructions to create some magic time…