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Embracing Otherness, Embracing Myself

Thandie Newton: Embracing otherness, embracing myself | Video on

This talk is just so magnificent. Please watch it when you have the time to watch it all. It made me tingle with emotion.

Have a great day.


Talk Is Not Cheap

What you say matters. It matters how you say it, who you say it to, and when you say it. You can say the same thing to ten different people and get ten different results. The statement that says that talk is cheap does not mention what happens when you write a check with your mouth that you cannot cash with your soul. In the end, talk is not cheap, talk is actually very expensive when the results do not pan out in our favor. Words have power and they follow your lead straight from your lips to your subconscious. Have a great day. Claim it now and then go out and see it through.Tell yourself that the challenges around you will ultimately lead to your happiness and use it as a springboard of action. I posted this for myself because I know that what is spoken and/or written usually manifests in due time. I welcome you to use my belief to your advantage. Be well, ChaseSent from my iPhone


The title of this posting was crafted as such for a specific reason. Last night I had the pleasure of performing in the home of a billionaire and this morning I was helping a friend move that had been evicted. To see both ends of the spectrum was just an experience that I could not help but write about immediately. There are so many ways to live this crazy life that we live, yet we choose to use the same 24 hours every day quite differently. I was very attentive to how I was feeling in these two very different situations. I also felt that I had been shown both of them so close together for a specific reason. 
       Let's start with the home of the billionaire. I had no prior knowledge that I was going here, except my good friend telling me that it was a nice house. All I knew was that I had a gig. When I arrived, I could not believe my eyes. The dimensions of the house were astronomical and they demanded your attention at first glance. There were service people everywhere prepar…