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He Decided

One of the most powerful things to say in this life is "I have decided". This statement pushes almost everything forward and does not look for excuses or happenstance to occur. When was the last time you "decided" to do or have something and did not get it? While speaking with my best friend today, he told me that he decided to act a particular way on the day of his mother's passing. It was how he said it that moved me. It was said with strength and conviction and he did not waiver. So what does it mean to truly decide? In my opinion, it means to see more of the end result than the road leading up to it. Michael Jordan "decided" to be who he eventually became. Ben Franklin "decided" long ago that he would succeed no matter what. Oprah "decided" that she would touch as many people as she possibly could, she did it. The magic of that word reminds me that success in any area of our lives starts with deciding that it …

Courtesy Between Unknown People

The magic arrived from an unexpected place today. I was listening to a friend of mine explain a random situation and it made me think of how we treat people or extend courtesy to those that we do not even know. I will explain what I mean because it is totally worth writing about. Let's say that you are in a rental vacation condo in Miami Beach. You are there with your spouse and your children and you are there for 2 weeks. You are on the beach and eating at cool restaurants and the whole nine yards. At the end of the glorious vacation, it is time to leave. Do you make sure all of the linens are placed on the bed so that they can be properly disposed of? Have you ever just made sure that the towels were in a pile or maybe even just wiped down the excess hair from the sink?
   This may all sound extremely foreign to you, however, if any of these things were done, it would make the person who was hired to clean the room have an easier time getting their job done. My friend told me tha…