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Another Angel Enters Heaven

The past week has been a very humbling one for me in many ways. My best friend in the entire world lost his mother and I was right there by his side at the hospital as we both watched her take her last breaths, so to speak. I can say with much conviction, that I am in awe of how fragile life truly is each and every minute. I cannot imagine what it would be like to lose your mother because mine is alive and well thankfully. However, as they say in many circles, no one will make it out of here alive. We will all have our time and what we do up until that moment is our choice no matter what anyone may say. I actually wanted to blog about this on Monday evening after it happened, however, I felt that I need some time to let it marinate. 
     As you all already know, this blog is about magic and the magic that is found in every day. Today was the actual funeral for my friend's mother in Philadelphia. All I can say is that the entire day was magical and I was completely moved and in…

The Space Between

There is so much noise in our lives. Everything from moving cars to passing conversations to crying babies. We are accustomed to dealing with this and much more on a daily basis. The question is, when do we choose to create space and just process rather than react or attempt to repair? I used the examples above as metaphors for some of life's difficulties. When there is a connection with another human being, the space between is almost palpable and words are almost unnecessary.However, conflict between two souls can create a space that is filled with toxic energy that becomes a backpack too heavy to handle. Have you ever missed the presence of someone in particular and felt them in your space even though they were not physically there? Every person leaves a part of their soul in your space when they depart. So in acuality, the space between can sometimes turn into a little spiritual pow wow. I personally have been paying attention to the spaces between my thoughts la…