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Always Remember


Paralysis Of Analysis / Just Start

Well this is a big one. This posting hits hard in many ways for me. In short, how many things have you thought about, researched, call friends about, and even watched others do for a long time that you did not attempt on your own even though you really wanted to? I have read countless books on overachievers and leaders and they all say, just begin. Do not wait for your bank account to be a certain size or for your life to be a certain way, just begin. When we begin all of the how, what, and what ifs are answered. There will be some scrapes and bruises, but when have there not been? 
    I sat with one of my dearest friends on the planet last evening and she gave me some perspective on how she sees me after the past 20 years. I allowed her to be totally open and honest and she put it on the table. The bottom line is that she stimulated a place in my brain that made some things that were already evident a bit sharper. Those around us who seem to be smarter or richer or more fortunate …

Who Were You Before We Met?

This is a question that I have had to ask myself many times over. When you meet someone and they are just rude with you or not open or even just blank, you must know that many things happened prior to that moment. People carry tons of residue from the past and lodge it into their present. What happened years ago becomes their identity today and neither you or I can change that. Can you honestly say that you are willing to compete with any of the following things: Sexual abuse?
Drug addiction?
Spousal mistreatment?
Low self esteem?

These are the things that all human beings have been a part of or have been close to at one time. If you meet someone who has experienced one or all of these things, they probably won't tell you so. However, it colors their world in a big way. By the way, if they do tell you, act accordingly without taking it personally or trying to "fix" them. We are here to teach and to serve one another through our gifts…