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I have written my take on service in the past. Still, no matter where I go, I can always find something that reminds me that we are numb to how service is really delivered or received. We get good service so rarely, that by in large, we don't expect it anymore. I will give you two recent examples. A few days ago I went to the post office. The woman greeted me with a smile and the world "darlin". I have to be fair here and admit that I always smile and treat her with respect as well. She then took my mailings and asked if I needed anything else. Her parting greeting was, "I hope the day shines brightly on you." Wow! That just floored me! I returned the verbal gesture and left with a smile on my face. Last night I decided to go into a restaurant that I had never been in because it was visually stunning. I only wanted a small fruit dessert. I was greeted with a smile and given a menu after I asked for it. The woman then walked away and did not come b…

Gratitude Is The Invisible Thread

This video cuts right through it all. I love the way she packages the whole thing. So well done.

  I love to write about gratitude. Not just because of what it stands for, but also because of its hidden power. When we are out in the world there are so many things to be grateful for, yet most of them seem to go unnoticed for the most part. Everything from walking to seeing to being able to read a page in a book should not be taken for granted. These things should all be held in great regard because not everyone has the ability to say that they have access to them.

   From time to time as I walk around the city, I see people who are severely handicapped and I wonder how they make it through each day. In short they are not considered equal by most people and they are placed in a different category. In my opinion, their only defense is to be grateful for what they have and use it all to the best of their ability. I must also say that each time I interact with someone who has a debility…

So What Is On "Your" Mind?

This blog has been alive and kicking since 10/28/10. I have truly been blown away by the response that I have gotten from all over the world. The words that I so carefully post here are currently being read in over 12 countries as we speak! I thank you all for your kind attention and your consistency. It means the world to me to be able to add to your life in any way possible.

    So I wanted to reach out to all of my subscribers and non subscribers to get some feedback from you. Firstly, is there something that you would like to know more about or to have written about here on this blog? Secondly, are you all aware that you can get my posts directly in your email without coming to the site simply by just subscribing in the box to the left of this page? Thirdly, I will be starting a podcast very shortly that will be packed with some really stimulating topics that will guide you through some of life's difficulties. I would love for you all to send me some suggestions on what you…