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When The Magic Happens

I saw this video and it moved me. In a world where performers are held on a pedestal and often times shown in a bad light, this guy truly gets it in my opinion. I am most passionate about spreading my talent as far and wide as I possibly can to as many people as I can. Bruno Mars had a dream to leave Hawaii and head for LA to fulfill his most burning passion and amid the struggle, and a slight problem with the law, he made it.
    Each time I see a story like this it gives me that much more validation that my efforts are not in vain. There will come a day in the near future when you will go to my site Here , and see images of me in other countries making people happy with my music. I can see it, I can feel it, I can taste it. Its not about the fame, its about the connection. Each day when I wake up I am thinking of ways to inject the magic in to the world for sure. So how are you adding to life and the human condition? I would love to hear from you..

A Statement That Makes You Think

Enjoy the day....                                                                                               Chase

Magic Tees Are Here!!!!

In my quest to spread joy throughout the world, I have created shirts to follow me with that vision. I have so many wonderful images and statements on the way that will inspire, teach, and relax all of you. Please take a look at them on the left of the page by clicking on the gold shirt. I have also included some images below these words just to give you an idea of what kind of images I have captured that inspire me personally.
   Have an amazing day good people all over the world!!!!!        Chase

P.R.A.I.S.E. (People Realizing Appreciation Is Simply Eternal)

Today I came up with this acronym and it made me think. People are very quick to criticize, but not as quick to praise as much. I had an amazing experience last week at a restaurant in San Diego and I wrote a letter to the manager letting her know that her staff was incredible!!!I did not expect anything in return for this letter, but I guarantee that those girls will not forget our exchange and that they will continue to be the way that they were to me with future guests.

   So many situations that have happened in the past are still there in my mental data banks, simply because someone thought enough of me to appreciate my actions and praise me for a job well done. We all love to know that we are here and making even the slightest difference in another human being's journey. I recommend the movie Crash if you have never seen it. So many things in that movie embody the human spirit and how we all have the longing to be appreciated in some fashion no matter how small...


A Random Stream Of Mindness

We all do this. A situation arises and we think that we know what to do based on what we did the last time. We are so sure that we have seen this situation before and then we react!!!Unfortunately, every situation is just different enough for us to take our time and process it with care. Each human being, each interview, each bite of food, each new destination, has a way of showing us that we don't know exactly every angle of every situation and how to deal with it when it presents itself.

      If something keeps showing up in your life and you handle it the same way, are you learning or moving in reverse? If you are getting great results, then why should you change anything? However, if you are steadily met with opposition in your heart or mind, then maybe you should change your approach. What is normal? Is it normal to have a great job, a few kids and a great house? Is it normal to make millions and travel the world at will while having minimal responsibilities? I digress, my …