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As The Sun Blooms

This is a different kind of posting today. I want to get myself out of the way so that I can highlight an email that I received moments ago. The email came from one of the most courageous and powerful women that I know. I respect her because she knows about pushing forward and making things happen against the odds.
    Take some time right now and read what she wrote and I am certain that you will be moved and inspired. 


Have you had that experience where you start to let go and you suddenly find yourself being challenged at every corner?

Pointing our guests to the street to find a restroom has hardly been comfortable.  And without the amenity of a public restroom, we were limited in the number of chairs we could offer.  However, we can now unveil our public loo.  So excited... and I've transformed fear to manifest this dream!

These past several weeks have been both challenging and exciting.  A couple weeks ago I became very intent on facing fear that was holding me back…

When Nothing Else Matters

Every now and then we are engaged in an activity that gets us fully inundated and present. This is something that stops time for us and nothing else matters. During this time or these moments, we are so focused and intense within that we cannot be disturbed by outside forces. Think about the last time this happened to you. It's a place that soothes your entire soul and begs you to stay there by harnessing all of your attention.
    I have listed some of the moments from my past that have done this for me. I challenge you to send me 2 moments like this that have happened in your life. You can comment below this posting.

My first night on stage on tour with "SWING" The Broadway Musical.The day I stepped foot in Venice, Italy.My first plane ride to Europe.Stepping onstage to sing with Prince.Being asked for my autograph by a 10 year young boy after a show.Hearing the phrase, "I love you", from a past girlfriend for the first time. Looking into the eyes of my g…

10 Little Known Facts About The Female Brain

Before anyone gets carried away by the title of this blog, let me say this in my defense. I have not in any way, shape, or form, figured out how a woman thinks. I have compiled these facts from different places and they are truly captivating to me. I am certain that our internal differences will never permit us to understand each other fully, however, we can at least step up to the plate and do some research right? I hope you are ready for these and are reading with an open mind!!!
    Girls are born already interested in emotional expression.    The part of the brain most responsible for remembering is larger in women.    In order for a woman to have an orgasm during sex, her amygdala must be turned off.    Women are only half as likely to be gay then men.    Until 8 weeks of conception, all brains are female.    A woman uses about 20,000 words a day compared to a man's 7000    The woman is much sharper at reading subtle facial and emotional expressions.    Women can transfer …

Our Own Perspective

There are truly so many ways to see the same thing. As you look at this picture what strikes you about it? Is it the actual subject or the colors? Is it the beach or the holes that appear on the sand? Maybe you saw the trees in the background first? Maybe you don't even know what this is a picture of at all?
  My point in posting these questions is that it's the same in life. We all see the same situation in different lights at different times according to how we process life in general. We cannot expect others to have the same tools as us or to have lived through what we have up until this point. That being said, we must do our best to have patience in these situations or we will suffer dearly. 
   The magic in all of this though, is that we are always learning about how human emotions work. "There is no failure, only feedback", as the saying goes. Patience and understanding can go a long way in this life. Releasing anger, doubt, fear, and even jealousy, is like pla…