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The Art Of Flying

I named this posting as such because it really does seem to be an art to me. I have been in planes since I was about 15 or so and it has gotten more and more exciting as the years have gone on. Truthfully, I am still fascinated with how that extremely heavy piece of fine crafted machinery gets off the ground and thousands of miles away in a few hours or more.
   Being inside of an airplane is not what it was even 15 years ago for obvious reasons, however, the one thing that should not have ever changed is the service. Today I had an amazing experience while going through the security check. Something happened to me that I thought was impossible! The TSA people were actually very nice to me and smiling and everything!!! I complimented them immediately and felt a little light as I walked to my gate.
   I enjoy airports as well because there is always so much to take in and learn from while you are there. Have you ever noticed how clean most airports are? What about the fact that ther…

How Were You Loved?

How were you loved as a child? Can you remember at all? If you can, does that reflect how you love others today? Are you afraid to get too close or are you just always ready to give or receive it? If you were not shown enough love in your prime years, do you feel as though it is too late to learn how to open up and give of yourself right now?
    I like to think of giving and receiving love as a spinning wheel with little buckets to catch water in them. If it starts to rain, then the buckets fill up and begin to spin and they leak out water all over the place. If it does not rain, then the wheel can only move if a strong wind comes along. Unfortunately, even when the wind blows, it can only move for a few seconds at best.
    Giving love for the sake of it catching on is well worth it. If your spinning wheel is always in motion, it will spread love no matter where you go. Enjoy the day...


New York "Is" A Broadway Show

If you have never heard me speak of NY, you can be sure that I am a huge fan of it in many ways. The things that happen here just cannot be explained or understood by the common or rational mind. You will encounter things on this island that will challenge the sharpest mind and frazzle the most innocent one.
   I truly do not even know where to begin.Let's start out with the subway system. For two dollars and fifty cents, you can travel the length of the entire city. While you are enjoying your magical underground journey(which will take you above ground at times), you will inevitably be entertained by one or several people. I say several people because the entertainment includes the actual subway riders.
   Yesterday while riding the subway, I had the pleasure of being in the same train as a family who passed around an extremely aromatic plastic container of Indian food. Let's just say that just by opening my mouth slightly, I felt that I was at an all you can eat buffet…