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What Is Said vs What Is Heard

When you speak, caution must be taken. Those around you are not always as stable as they may seem. What you say may be harmless to you, yet monumental to the receiver.
I spoke my mind recently and it made an impact that I was not prepared for in any way. Should I have chosen my words more carefully? That is a possibility, however, I would have compromised my own integrity in the process.
This conversation took place with 2 others present. The source of the conversation was not in attendance. For some strange reason, one of the parties decided to deliver a full report to the source. She also decided to leave the comments that she had rendered out of the story.
How do you know who to trust when you are speaking in a group that is larger than one? The answer is, you don't. To be authentic at all times can help tremendously, however, someone will always get bruised at one time or another.
My ego rose as high as the empire state when I learned of this breach of trust, however, I did …

Hiatus/A Passing

I am back from a short hiatus in writing. During this time I have experienced many moments that are worthy of exposing. It is truly fascinating how we can get so involved in life that we do not take time to record it either on paper or on the screen or even in conversation with another human being. I liken it to tourists that I see here in NY that are stuck to their video cameras all day trying to get every piece of the city onto their machines and in the process miss the actual feeling of being here and enjoying it with their own eyes. I see this daily.

  Over the past week or so, I have had the pleasure of being around lots of family members as one of my most treasured and unique relatives had passed away. All of my relatives are unique, by the way. Let me take that a step further, we are all unique. I believe that when someone passes we all get a swift reminder that not one of us makes it out of this production show alive. However, some of us will slide out peacefully and will h…