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A Visual Gift!!!!!

As you already know, I seek out the magic in every day without fail. So today as I was walking home through the park, I was stopped in my tracks by the beautiful Ann Humphreys. When I tell you that I stopped, I really mean it. I was about 60 feet away from her when what she was doing caught my eye and I had to get closer immediately.
   It's not every day that you see things that make you so curious that you have to get closer and ask questions, however, today was the day!!!I walked right up to her and complimented her as I asked her what it was that she was doing and if it was something that she taught or what?She told me that it was a combination of dance and meditation and that she taught it as well with her partner.
   Listen, you can never say that I don't think about showing my subscribers exactly what I see. I would have just wrote about it, but why do that when I can bring it to you right here!!!?
   Ann was so gracious and so open to talk to me and in return, I just …

Incognito Evaluation

There I was in his place of business watching him do what he does for a living. I let him take the ball and run with it because that was my function today. He wasted no time stating the facts and revealing all of the details. I listened to every word that he said and felt well informed on all of the finer points. This was a delicate dance because throughout the entire time, I felt as though he had rehearsed this countless times prior to my arrival. In my opinion, he was not even conscious of the words that were shooting out of his mouth rapidly like a round of bullets from a machine gun.

    It is more than fascinating to be in someone's space that has no idea who you are or what your intentions are. This man was very good at what he does, however, I did not feel that he was authentic in his approach. As I mature, it seems that I can recognize realness in a clearer fashion and it just keeps getting better all the time. I was there to buy a product, or at least seem as though I…

Prince. Art. Music. Life. Staying True to the Vision.

Goodness gracious! How have you been? What's new? What's new?! I have been working diligently on these music and art events in San Diego and it has been a very interesting experience. It has been almost one year since I took this leap of faith and struck out on this wild adventure in music, art and entertainment -- all of the things that I truly love. I can say that it has been been worth every minute of it. I has been difficult; it has been challenging; it has been risky; it has been golden; it has been radiant; it has been chaotic; it has been brilliant; it has been fun; it has been my life and my decision.

I give thanks for the wonderful system of support that has been in place - even when I felt like it was disappearing. This is absolutely a faith walk.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of attending the Prince concert at the Forum in Los Angeles. It felt like a celebration and a confirmation on many levels. Actually, every time I attend a Prince concert, it feels like…

The 2 Second Rule (Tempo)

Some book love.

     In 2 seconds many things can happen. These come to mind:

You can say helloA happy feeling can enter your bodyA gift can be givenA thank you can be renderedA hug can be givenYou can taste some good foodYou can hear the intro to your favorite songYou can pick up a child     The point of this posting is to be aware that when we choose not to take the 2 seconds to create positive energy, that same 2 seconds can and probably will pummel us. It takes just as long to be fully engaged in great energy for 2 seconds as it does to let it take us to that toxic place.

     Last evening I was able to witness 2 seconds from another perspective that changed the entire atmosphere instantly. An incredible musician that I am extremely humbled to perform next to each and every time became unrecognizable in a heartbeat. He was upset because another gentleman was not playing the songs at the correct tempo and he allowed it to completely dictate his behavior within seconds, 2 seconds to …