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The Power Of Oprah

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to watch the surprise celebration of Oprah's last show and it was extremely moving. This is a woman who literally came from nothing. She was dirt poor and truly was raised in a family that taught her about struggle and humiliation from the very beginning. The amount of adversity that she had to overcome is just staggering.

    I have been following the goings on of Oprah for at least 10 years and I am proud to say that the example that she has set as a human being cannot be described in words. Oprah give new meaning to the phrase, "Generosity generates income." I believe with all of my soul that she was never interested in making millions of dollars. In fact, I do not think that she could have possibly imagined that her life would ever propel to this level.

    At a certain point in this amazing ceremony yesterday, there was a digital presentation of all the students around the world who's educations were funded by Oprah. I belie…

Giving Away What Was Never Yours

This may seem like a strange title for some people. The fact of the matter is, we are merely exchanging everything that is around us. The money in your bank will always move on, the clothes on your back won't always fit, and most importantly, the people around you will one day in fact move on as well. We arrived here alone with only the body that we were given and the unlimited capacity in our hearts to give love and to be loved in return.

    It is a fascination of mine to study those few and far between human beings that live with less. I notice that they are almost always just as happy or even tons more content than the average Jimmy or Jenna. I have been involved in a cleansing of "stuff" over the past few months that is truly life changing for me. I am realizing more and more that there are things around us that block the fluidity of newness and adventure and they must be allowed to flow.

    I have mentioned before that I live in a neighborhood that is full of &qu…