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These Three Words

In the history of time there are certain statements that have been known to really strike a chord with another human being. There is "I want you", I feel you", I like you", and the Grand Puba, "I love you". I can probably write about 100 more of these if given the time, however, the one that can really touch the soul and leave a lasting impression with any person in this world is, "you are appreciated." The magic and soothing power of this phrase never seems to weaken no matter who says it. All humans love to be appreciated and there are many ways that it can be shown. The incredible gift of this phrase often comes unannounced and even more often from those that have in the past been gifted with it as well.

     I received an email from a young woman who will remain anonymous. She and I have been involved in musical endeavors for the past 4 years or so. I have always found her to be quite strong and capable, however, she also had this wall …


This word is one that I hear thrown around all of the time. It is said that those who are genuinely happy from the inside out tend to live longer, smile more, and have more possibilities open to them at any given time. However, there are others who say that being happy is way too overrated and overdone. To really take down to the bare bones of the matter, what is being happy to you? Is it more material things, more kisses, enough leisure time, a nice partnet to share your life with, or maybe it's just to be alive?

     The word "happy" is actually derived from the Icelandic word "happ" and it actually means luck or chance. So of course this throws another wrench into the toolbox. Could it be that we are lucky to be happy from time to time or that we should not expect to be happy too much? Sometimes I ask my friends if they are happy and I get random answers that are in no way connected. That is to be expected though, because although we all have a very sim…

How Old Do I Look To You?

This is a question that I hear people asking all of the time. I decided to give it some more thought and put it out there to all of you. When we ask this question, what are we actually hoping to hear? Furthermore, does the answer that we receive help us going forward? When a woman asks a man, he is definitely put on the spot in an instant. His answer could even create a make or break vibe within that relationship. However, on the other hand, when a man asks a woman, she can most times under cut it or be off by a few years and he will for the most part brush it off or just make a joke out of it.

      I caught myself asking this question yesterday and I immediately asked myself why I posed the question to this twenty something year young woman in a retail store? I was purchasing some juice from my favorite organic company here in NYC. We were talking about staying young and healthy and I just shot out that question almost unconsciously. Her answer was 12 years off from my real ag…