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Being Responsible For Your Soul's Health

When you go out to a restaurant and have a terrible time, do you return? When you are in a shoe store and the shoe does not fit, do you return to try it on another day? Lastly, if you were given the task of hiring a new person in to your company, would you hire the person who obviously had a terrible attitude and reeked of body odor?The answers to these questions seem very obvious and clear wouldn't you say? This is not the case with our souls though, why is that?

      It is said that what frustrates us most about others is what we need to work on in ourselves. This statement has made many a person angry just from reading it, however, there is a ton of truth in it. Lead the everyday person to the place where their weaknesses are and I will guarantee you that they will not follow you willingly. The clues that will set us free are always staring us in the face whether we accept it or not. In the end, the deeper we dig within, the deeper we understand what makes us tick.


All Of A Sudden Everyone Likes Me!!!

This is a sentence that I have heard from women and men alike as they enter a new and exciting relationship. They find that person that makes them feel at ease and almost instantaneously there are hoards of invitations from the opposite sex in more ways than one. Is this a coincidence or not?

    We are constantly sending out energy each and every day whether we like it or not. So when we feel and act more attractive, those that are seeking this are drawn to us. This is such a wonderful concept because it never ever waivers. I am still a student of this in many ways...

    Are you sending out an attractive vibe or are you sending out a signal that says keep out!!!Think about it...