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10 Ways To Reboot The Brain

These can truly create some truly incredible days ahead!!!!!! Be very careful!!!!

   Affirm your unlimited power daily.   Practice more compassion and less criticism.   Listen more than you talk.Help more people to get what they want.   Write a letter by hand and send it to someone that you really care about and tell them why.   Read this book>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual EnlightenmentTake a one day break from all cell phone calls and email.   Create a vision board and put it on the back of the front door to your home.   Call  SARK'S INSPIRATION LINE @ 415 546 3742 (listen, and then save it in your phone)   Do one thing tomorrow that you have been afraid to do and then ask yourself was it really as hard as you made it out to be?

One Candle Can Light A Thousand More/ Let Me Help You

Have you ever noticed that when you are in a good mood or in a state of euphoria based on a specific event or a current situation or relationship or what have you that others tend to follow suit? If someone is rich, generally they tend to become even richer. If someone has always been poor, chances are that they will continue on that same path. If you like a specific car and you own a different kind of car, as soon as you get the car that you really want, you start to see it everywhere! I think you get the point of this posting.

   When we partake in the buffet of choice or choose to relax in the spa of decision, we really attract beautiful things in many ways. When someone tells you that you are gorgeous over and over and over again, you could start to believe it even if you did not prior to them saying so. The consistency of the spoken word and/or consistent actions can truly navigate our lives.

   So how much power over our energetic or spiritual output do we actually have? Wel…

When Less Is "Actually" More

   I have always loved the expression that less is more. As I mature I find that it is ringing true more and more everyday. So what can we all do to push this along accordingly? The first thing is to take a tip from Everett Bogue, actually take many tips from this cool cat. I love what he has to say about living life with less. I guess you will have to visit him at his site to actually see what I mean.

   The picture above is my version of the essentials for my daily journey. The only thing that is missing from the picture is my camera and a book, which changes daily. When you are looking at less the mind sees more. I know that it sounds like a completely elementary thing to do, however, it's not so easy to be consistent with it. 

There are more personal organizers, clutter specialists and so on than there have ever been in our entire history right now. So what does your clutter say about you and why do you hang on to it? Did you know that the average person wears 20% of their clot…