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livelihood n.
Means of support; subsistence.
    One of my favorite sports is watching others at their chosen profession. I enjoy it because it tells me so much about a person whether I think they are doing their job well or not. It is not my desire to rate them on their overall performance as much as actually studying how I can learn or unlearn from whatever they are doing. So during the course of every day, I am taken aback by how much information that I take in. When we commit to a job or a group or a project that we are being paid to do, does the level of our commitment depend on our personal integrity or the actual amount of money that we are being paid?
    I have chosen to use the word "livelihood" because it has always been one of my favorites. For starters, the word "lively" by itself is a wonderful word. Now take that word, drop the "y" and add "i", then combine it with "hood" and this word is meant to mean the bread and butter,…


As we all experience so many things in our diverse lives, this word is thrown around like dough in a pizzeria. We all come from different backgrounds, with different circumstances, from different parents, and different geographical areas. Yet, somehow most people seem to be adament about what is normal?

     Let's take a little stab at this concept in action. There is a young man who comes from a well to do family and he is now in High School. His grades are well above average and his circle of friends is very strong and laced with positive influences. He graduates from High School and gets accepted to a top Ivy League school in the north east part of the country and begins to study law. After his studies are done, he is hired by a top law firm in the Los Angeles area. Almost simultaneously, he meets the woman of his dreams and is now living in a million dollar home with her that is located a mile from his firm. They marry and they have a life that is most commonly seen in th…

Are You Listening?

I once heard it said that people will tell you exactly who they are when you meet them. I am such a believer in this sentence, it is undoubtedly true. My relations and my most treasured friends have taught me volumes on this subject. Conversations in general are not taken as seriously as they should be in the grand scheme of things. When you are speaking with someone, are you truly listening? Have you already decided what you are going to say and just itching to get it out or are you listening and being respective of what is coming out of their mouth? I have been heightening my skills in this area.

     Recently I spoke with a female friend of mine and she asked me what I felt was the most important thing that was necessary in having a truly rewarding relationship? My answer was, listening and knowing your partners wants and needs before they happen. It's like being a waiter at a fine dining restaurant. When the water glasses get low, should the guest have to ask for more wa…