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Letting Your Guard Down

Think about what you are guarding yourself from. Is it love, hurt, money, certain people, or just change in general. These past 4 months have been more than challenging for me, yet mind altering at the same time. I should also add that you are sometimes forced to let your guard down because doing otherwise will not serve you. This is my first post that I am writing away from my personal computer. I am inside of an Apple store in NYC. I have been faced with the unexpected lately. Some of it has been great and some of it has just been a bit frustrating. The truth is, it all just "is". I am grateful for it all.

    I am training myself daily to let go of fear and doubt and mistrust in every direction. If it is meant to be, it will be. If it was meant to fail, then it will fail. You can influence many things, however, you cannot force anything. Let your guard down today. Be vulnerable against the odds. Let the breeze guide you and let your spirit inform you. Give it a try an…

Cosa scegli? (KOZA SHayLEE)

This posting is a bit of a test. The words in the title are there for a reason. Let's start with a story.

          There was an experiment that was done quite some time ago. They placed a dog in a cage and closed it. Right away they sent a shock to the right side of the cage and the dog moved to the left. Then they sent a shock to the left side and the dog moved to the right. They repeated this for about 30 minutes and the dog kept moving from side to side on cue. He moved without a moment of pause each and every time. Then something interesting happened, they shocked both sides at the same time and the dog stayed in the middle and urinated on himself. Stick with me.

          The second story comes from the military. There was a Captain who lined up his men who were all new recruits and his mission was to get at least one of them to quit as soon as possible. He ran them, he biked them, he pushed their bodies to the limit on the first day.  Throughout the day, he kept repe…

Alive And Authentic!!!!

This is without a doubt one of my all time favorite words. To be authentic is to be real from the inside out instead of the opposite way around. When we are moving around in the world living our every day lives, we brush up against an abundance of people who are just not authentic. The problem with being %100 authentic is that is does not agree with the status quo. If you are the person who is wearing the florescent shirt with the flashing lights and bells hanging off it, you have to own it from your head to your toes. If that is you, then be that.

    I am fascinated by how we can decide to be authentic with some and completely not with others. Which brings me to my next question, who around you makes it easy for you to be authentic? I had such an amazing evening just a few nights ago with one of my most treasured friends on this earth. She is a fearless woman in my humble opinion. As we spoke, I could feel the warmth, openness, and authenticity oozing from her soul. This is a fe…