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Puddle Song

The video below was produced by a very dear friend of mine that I have not seen in quite some time. As I watched it I thought to myself that most people only dance when they hear the music. So if that is the case, then what are those select few people hearing when there is no music playing? You know those people, the ones that seem to always be dancing no matter what. I learn from them daily and I can see them coming from a mile away.   Be well,   Chase

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Some Morning Mind Juice

You would not enter a brightly lit room and look for the "dark
switch." You would not expect to find a switch that would 
flood an inky darkness into the room to cover the brightness of the
light - you would find a switch that would resist the light, for in
the absence of light there is darkness. And, in like manner, there is
not a Source of "evil," but there could be a resisting of that which
you believe is Good, just as there is not a Source of sickness, but
there could be a resisting of the natural Well-Being.

                                              - Ester and Jerry Hicks

I read this today when I woke up. It moved me.

Carpe diem.

Hello, How Are You?

I was in small town this weekend that I had never been to before. My reason for being there was of course to bring joy to others through my passion. I also had the luxury of being paid to do it. It was a small town and I could feel the difference from being in the main NYC area right away. I was given a hotel room for the night after my first day of performing which was very much so appreciated. Yesterday, after having had a wonderful night of solid sleep, I wandered into the local mall to seek out a bookstore. I seek out bookstores constantly, they are my haven.

    Success!! I found a great bookstore and I was instantly happy. As I entered the store I saw that there was a place to buy refreshments, so I stepped into the line and waited my turn. Out of the corner of my eye I felt an energy from someone, so I turned in that direction. As I looked over, there was a young woman who was obviously looking in my direction. She smiled and I smiled back politely. I received my beverage befo…