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In Real Time.

I am amazed by the things that have happened (and not) over the last few months. From the time that Chase and I started writing this blog to the time that we jointly created a book to the time that I sit here doing all of the things that I said I wanted to do ~ working with artists, musicians, highly creative people, humanitarians, visionaries, lovers ... it's all right here.

I am thinking about how I imagined myself to feel as I visualized and created the opportunities in life that I say that I desire. I am also thinking about the other things that come into play such as the rollercoaster of emotions that come with new situations; the unexpected so-called roadblocks that take the attention from the state of overjoy to chaos and then somehow and some way back to peace and tranquility.

In July, I ended my stint of working in a law firm setting after many years. It feels good; it feels different; I am different. I have a new life and outlook. I cannot always predict what the n…

"Important-Forever" or "Stuff-Temporary"

These words rang through my brain today as I encountered another one of life's challenges. We are continually being blindsided by unexpected things at equally unexpected times right? Well today would be no different, not for me, not for anyone.
     I walked up to my car that I had not driven for at least one week and a half and one of the doors was ajar. Interestingly enough, the door that was open was stuck against at least two and a half feet of snow. So after rolling back the tape and asking myself if I had locked the doors, I in fact remember locking them. So how did they get into the car? There was no glass anywhere, however, one of the bags that was in my car was now on the snow. It was just a shopping mag mind you. I proceeded to get in the car from the street side and then crawled into the driver's seat. As I was sitting straight, I noticed that my entire radio plus a piece of my dashboard was gone! The car literally looked like a crime scene and it surely was. I then …

So Will You Be There?

This is a question that I have been asked many times in my life. If there is an event or party or anything of that nature, people want to know if you will be there. I like this question because it forces you to make a decision right away. In these moments we learn tons about our character and our commitment. 

     I met a very interesting young man a couple of weeks ago and I gave him my card because I could tell that he was up to some interesting things. It turns out that he was and he called me this week. Long story short, he asked to meet with me on a certain day, which is today. Yesterday he called me to move the time up a little today and also to ask me if I would be there. So I asked him why he asked me that question. His answer was, well I thought maybe with the snow and all that you may cancel. My reply was that I had committed to being there, so I would be. 

     I had to write this post because I am constantly hearing people invent reasons not to do things. We give away our po…


Some days I seek out different artists and different schools of thought. Today I found myself on a site that made me very happy in so many ways. It was a site that was simple and very inviting. There is nothing like the simple to start the day off right.  CLICK HERE!! THIS SITE IS GREAT!!
     When I woke up today, a question came into my mind instantly. What am I committed to no matter what? These are the things that I came up with:

brushing my teethmaking my bedwashing my bodygetting dressedchecking my emailreading at least 30 pages a day of a good bookbeing grateful to my parents by speaking it internallydo at least one thing to advance my artistic lifestyleconsume top level live foodsexpose new people to my part time passioncontinue to think outside the boxbeing friendly, open, and honest   I am committed to these things for sure. What stops me though, is the things that I am "not" committed to. I challenge you today to make a list of the things that you are committed to a…