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Corey Sky

I find myself in a tea bar near Union Square in NYC. I have come here to delve into my many exciting and mind lubricating ebooks that I have at my disposal from the past year and beyond. It is truly amazing and wonderful how much information there is out there for those who want to make their own way and right their own ticket in life. I am just beside myself with the amount of writers and self made entrepreneurs that are all over the net. They all seem to have a common thread, they all yearn for freedom.
    So as I read some really inspirational things from some very courageous people, I was listening to a wonderful artist named Orly. I had heard of her many times before and today I decided to download her music from her site. I was enjoying her tunes and feeling anxious about my own tunes that are so close to rearing their heads. Then as I was just getting into the music, some other music started at the same time. Little did I know, there was a live acoustic show starting about 10 f…

"I Am Because We Are"

Sometimes things connect all too well and you have to recognize it and somehow glean from the message or the space that it leaves you in. 
     A few days ago I watched the dvd from Madonna's "Sticky Sweet" tour. She truly has changed the face of pop music forever and I am sure that most musicians, and even non musicians would agree with that statement. She has always had a way of doing what she does her way and not ever taking no for an answer. There is a behind the scenes segment before the show starts that is about 15 minutes or so where she talks to her dancers and the crew and overdubs her voice as travel videos play and so forth. Overall though, her message was that we are all capable of changing the world with our gifts and that those people who are out there tonight are just the same as us. She told her dancers to really give these people a reason to smile and dance and have a great time. There were also some dancers that said a few words about being on tour with …

A Video That Speaks Volumes!!!! Whoooooooooah!!!


Jack Lalanne....Thank You For Setting The Example

I have always had respect for this man. He followed his own gut and he never looked back. I was saddened to hear that he had passed away yesterday. I truly wanted his time here on earth to be extended for years to come. 
     The bigger picture though, is that he has left such a wonderful and authentic blueprint right smack dab in plain view of us to follow, should we step up to the challenge? I thought you all would appreciate these: 

1 -He bootstrapped himself. A scrawny little kid at 15, he decided to change who he was and how he was perceived, and then he did. The deciding was as important as the doing.
2- He went to the edges. He didn't merely open a small gym, a more pleasant version of a boxing gym, for instance. Instead, he created the entire idea of a health club, including the juice bar. He did this 70 years ago.
3- He started small. No venture money, no big media partners.
4- He understood the power of the media. If it weren't for TV, we never would have heard of Jack. J…

Appreciation for What Life is Offering.

Today I took a 6 mile round-trip run to the beach. As I was leaving the house, I set an intention to greet an interesting situation, receive guidance and just savor the running moments. Within twenty minutes, I was hearing "What's up girl?" from a local surfer riding his bike along with his dog. They passed me and we met up again at the ocean. As we watched the waves, he told me about his love of the ocean and I started thinking about going surfing again (I haven't been in years). All of this reminded me of the deep importance of staying connected with nature, people and water and just loving life as it is.

This connection I made with a new friend today allowed me to savor the simple beauty that life is constantly offering. My friend has a wonderful family and it's obvious that he has had a wonderfully blessed life -- full of doing the things that he loves: being an inspiration to all with whom he comes in contact.

Yesterday, I had a blast just being near t…

Insights From A Found Book

I live in an amazing neighborhood to say the very least. In the four or so years that I have lived here I have found about 150 books on the street. The people in this community have a common practice of leaving things on their front stoop or even near the curb so that someone who needs or wants it will take it. I can't verbalize properly how happy this makes me. I have found books on everything from music to childbirth, art, and the list goes on. It is so rewarding to receive a book that you really love in this fashion. 
    Yesterday, on the way to have a little lunch nearby, I found yet another amazing book. The great thing is that it seemed to come at a wonderful time as well. I find that this is always the case, wouldn't you agree? We get what we need instead of what we desire....
    The book is called "There's No Such Thing As Business Ethics", by John C. Maxwell." What was magic about this? I was just having a conversation about my personal ethics with …

An Incredible Man With An Incredible Perspective

This guy gets me every time. Ask yourself what is possible after watching this.