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What Can You Do From Where You Are Today?

A while back I remember watching an episode of Letterman. It was the night that he had Oprah on. She and Dave had this so called feud that they were finally squashing and so she came on the show as she left the opening of "The Color Purple", which happened to be showing across the street from his studio. 
  Dave met her at the door, walked her into the studio, and the interview began. It was as if they were lost lost friends and they spoke very candidly and free formed. Dave asked what it was like to actually be Oprah Winfrey? Of course she answered in a very humble way. She stated that she goes to Walgreens and CVS just like the rest of us when she needs things. She also said that she too gets lonely from time to time. I was really glad that she came across so normal, but what she said next was what I never forgot. She said that people feel as though they cannot make a difference in this world because they don't have enough themselves. She also said that people think t…

When Is It A Great Day? (a suggestive change in perspective)

I have been concentrating on being gracious for all that I have around me lately in a big way. In the process of this wonderful journey I have come up with this list of why each one of my days is great for me personally. I challenge you to create your own list and keep it as close to your person as you can for an entire week as you add to it daily. This will be very cool, I promise. Here is mine. I will add to my list daily as well. I will update you next Friday. I cannot wait to see how far we can take this. We all share the same energy either way you slice it.  Conquer the day........

I live in a beautiful apartment.
The view from the apartment is incredible!! I have many tools to facilitate my passions right at home. I am in great health. My parents have always supported me in every way. I live in the greatest city in the world. I have many true friends. I do many things that I love for a living. I am now a published author. I own my car I can say that I have traveled to Europe and back for…

Create Your Personal Manifesto NOW!!!

I have to admit, manifestos really get me pumped up in a big way. The words inside a manifesto are just rocket fuel combined with tons of rock solid accountability. It's interesting how many things actually get done when you have a clear plan to put them into play. I am presently working on my own manifesto and I plan to debut it here when it is done. I will not take too much time on it, I just want it to be full of the things that are most important to me combined with a concentration on helping others.
Today I had lunch with one of my good friends and as I sat across the table from him I really felt his hunger to succeed, but more than that, his dedication to completely eliminate what does not serve him. We all have choices in life and we have to continually rearrange and rethink things so that all goes well. The strange thing, is that when things don't go well is when we learn the biggest lessons.
  I would not be able to sleep properly tonight without knowing that I ha…

Advanced Riskology

Now how did it feel to read those two powerful words? I am completely connected to both of them, which is why I had to give a shout out to this expert in "riskology". Now you might be saying to yourself right now, "Is that even a word?" Well, let's just say that this guy did not question it at all. When I found this site I was smiling from ear to ear because I just felt so connected to his message in every way imaginable! He is not going down the path that the common person goes down, nor is he questioning why that is. I went to the site and signed up for the newsletter and I am just thrilled each time I see his name in my box because I know that he is either going to challenge or enlighten me with his words.
Truly I could fill up this entire screen with things that I have read on his site, however, I will let you read it for yourself. Have a spectacular day!!!Take one risk at least...Peace

Click here for Tyler Tervooren's Influence Project.

Click here fo…

Thank You Martin Luther King Jr.

On this day, we can take a moment of silence or a moment to speak up for what we believe in and both would be acceptable. This one man decided that he would take step after step in the direction of freedom for every human being, no matter what race, even though he could not see the top of the staircase that he had set out to concur.
I have often thought of what it would be like to not be able to walk into a movie theater with other races or to be segregated to a particular part of the bus or anything of that stripe. I was always taught to love everyone and to show love to others even if they do you wrong. It just seems like an obvious behavior to me, not to mention that the returns are endless in every way. When I think of the friends that are in my life at this very moment, I can honestly say that I would have to think twice as hard to judge them by their race or creed or individual experiences that have brought them to where they are.
I can honestly say that I think of M.L.K. many…