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The Ten Hour Audition Challenge

I make my living primarily as a singer. It is rewarding in so many ways, however, I am constantly being tested by the universe to see how bad I want this lifestyle in every way. Most people see the perks of being a singer and they miss out on the actual behind the scenes work that is endless and very challenging to deal with on most days. I say this to say that today was challenging for me in a few different ways. I feel that it is my absolute responsibility to all of you to relay these messages that I received from today's incredible journey.
For starters, I arrived at an audition today at around 8:00 am. I can tell you that it was colder than cold. You know the kind of cold that makes your toes rethink walking too fast at any given moment. I mean the kind of cold that just about makes your whole body shiver and seek warmth like a drug addict who needs a fix. I entered the line and joined at least 200 other people who had arrived before me. This kind if turnout is commonplace fo…

Taking A Walk With Forgiveness

I am writing about this today for one reason, it challenges me a little bit. The old adage, "feel the fear and do it anyway", is in full effect! It's like walking around with two huge backpacks full of cement when you hold on to the angry, selfish, combative, and negative thoughts about a person or a situation, it drains you. It's actually counterproductive in the end because we wind up hurting ourselves and feeling completely depleted within our souls. As I learn to do this with a very few people in my life, I am continually opening up a new ventricle of my heart, or so it seems. We will not always agree with others, nor will they always agree with us. Is what we say right or wrong? Is what they say good or bad? I believe the answer is no on all accounts. We seem to cling so strongly to our beliefs and paradigms that they stifle us and then take away our ability to flow in the universe. I unexpectedly received a piece of mail yesterday and it totally caught me off …


I am so fascinated with achieving things in this life! Each day I am so pumped about what is possible in every way. I had a conversation with a friend a little while ago and I could hear the frustration in the fact that they were not being accountable. I heard it because there are certain things that are said when you are not stepping up to the plate. I know these statements because I have used them covertly and out loud. When you were little if something broke or fell or was stolen what did you say? You said, "I didn't do it!". Kids are constantly saying that it wasn't them or it's not their fault or any combination of these statements. When we show up and do what we say we are going to do, it empowers us. However, when we don't keep our word, we suffer from the inside and we seek protection with our words and sometimes through our actions.
There was a story that I read a long time ago about a man who went to a counselor because he was depressed and feel…