A Winter Solstice Day

  Yes it is here! The shortest day of the year and the beginning of winter. This day was full of serving others with my time and money as it relates to this time of the year when we give and show appreciation to those that we love and cherish the most. There were thousands of people walking the streets with bags and smiles and hurried looks on their faces as if Christmas was in the morning. Although I am not a fan of making yourself stressed and overdrawn financially or mentally as a result of this time of year, I made my contribution today in a detailed and focused way.

  Well, as with any other situation or day, there are ups and there are challenges. I had a conversation today that gave me pause and took me down to a place that I had to pull up from very quickly. Truth be told, when you feel your ego rising to meet another ego, don't. Any sentence, thought, or inference, can be completely misconstrued. Words on paper, through text on a phone, or through another person that relays a story to you should always be confirmed before proceeding. I wrote a text that caused someone to call me in a combative way and then I mirrored their rising ego. To make long story short, I was hung up on. As I sat there and analyzed it, I realized that I reacted to the other person's words in the way that I did because I just wanted them to believe that the outcome of the given situation was going to be just fine.

   There is always magic in the power of now, but not always in the "give it to me right now". In other words, patience is a virtue. Have you ever seen people waiting for the train in NYC? At least 80% of the people on the platform will lean over the tracks a little bit just to see if the train is coming yet. This is what I mean by "the right now". Have you ever looked at your watch 5 times in 2 minutes? Did the time go faster or slower? So when some one wants something done "now" because they are creating a story inside of them that puts them on the defensive, you cannot win. I offered my help and followed through, however, it was not quick enough nor did it create the outcome that was desired by them.

   I am on the other side of this now. I have reviewed it in my head and I forgive them and I forgive myself for not just letting the plane take of with its own momentum instead of adding some of my own. When we are presented with energy that comes across frantic, flippant, hurried, or urgent, we must pay closer attention before reacting. Today I reacted too quickly, although my intention was noble. I then took all of the derogatory hits that followed by text, knowing that I had no feelings of malice in retribution, only frustration of not being understood properly. I wanted it all to go smooth, so I did not retaliate.

    In the evening, I supported two different musical performances. One with a family of three and two special guests celebrating the holidays and then another performance of open mic proportions. The rain came down outside as I was about to make my way home, so I sat and waited for it to calm down or stop. It eventually did stop and I make my way back to my home safely. In retrospect, I would have had a calmer day if I had taken that advice earlier in the day when I reacted instead of thinking in a focused fashion. I believe that its twice as important to listen more than it is to talk too much and claim that you are right. Everyone deserves respect even when you do not see it the way that they do. Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, that felt good to release........

    I checked the mail before I entered my house and I had received a holiday card from a person that I have only known for about a year or less. It was truly moving and I am grateful for it. I also received a text tonight from someone that I care for dearly letting me know that a sentence that I had posted a few days ago motivated them to call their father who they have not spoken to in a very long time. You just never know how your words will land on another human being's soul. What a day!!! I can say that the magic in today was that I was reminded once again that the ego is a one man show. It does however need your permission to come out. That's my story and I am sticking to it. Off to the land of sand,



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