What You See Is What You "Choose" To Get

   It is painfully obvious that I am an avid observation junkie. I love NYC and all that it has to offer and I take in so much information that not one day goes by that I am not pondering on at least 10 things in the course of a day. What do I do to turn it all off? I meditate. That is for another post though.

   Anyhow, I am just amazed at how many messages are forced into our minds daily no matter where we live in the country. We have the choice which ones to pay attention to and how long we choose to do it as well. It's just that these messages just don't stop! So we have to just choose what resonates with us and move through the funnel so to speak. Well these images that I captured on my phone are some of the ones that gave me pause or a little chuckle over the past month or so. I snap new ones almost daily as you can probably guess.

   So take a look at these and just see how they make you feel. I love how certain words or images give us pause and force us to face or run from things. I believe that this is truly where the magic is.

   Have a great day! It's officially the coldest day of this season so far in my opinion. My lips were burning when I went out today!! Let the winter games begin!!!!


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