The Things That We Do Well

  Straight talk. There are so many things that we do well that we do not even think about. The list includes:

  • eating
  • riding a bike
  • finding our way home
  • laughing
  • making excuses  (That struck a nerve didn't it?)
  • assuming
  • washing our bodies
  • taking out the garbage
  • flushing a toilet
  • getting the mail out of the box
  • driving
  • walking
and so on...So what is my point? You may be asking yourself right now....

   My point is that we do all of these things so well because we do them consistently. So what could you accomplish if you did it consistently starting today? Is there something that you want to be excellent at? Ask yourself then, what am I not doing consistently enough to become really great at it?

   It is almost the beginning of a new year and there has never been a greater time than right now to begin!!! Starting anything new has nothing to do with the new year beginning, by the way. Even that is a learned behavior that people have come to act upon accordingly. Throw out your calender and just start for yourself no matter what day it is. 

   Get out of your own way. Many times it's not what we are doing as much as what we are "not" doing.I watched a video of a blind swimmer last night and it gave me serious pause. He cannot see because he was born without eyes, yet he jumps in and swims anyway. Bite the bullet and change the energy around yourself starting...............................Now!!



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