Free Enterprise

   Imagine waking up when you want to. Going to the movies and the market and to a friends house during any part of the day. What if you had no boss and the only person you could blame when your pockets were empty was you? How about the ability to travel and stay there as long as you wish because your business allowed you to be mobile? Can you just close your eyes and visualize the amount of things that could be done when time and/or money was not an issue? If you really concentrate on it, I can tell you it is possible.

   I live a life that is very close to what I have described above right now. The most exciting part of this all is that I am getting closer to it every month that goes by based on leveraging some of my skills in various directions. Did you know that millions of dollars are made during times that are so called "recession" periods? How driven do you have to be to run in the opposite direction that the other people are running in? Years ago I heard Miles Davis say that if the band plays fast, he plays slow, and if they play slow, he plays fast. This left an impression on my brain that has never gone away.

   When you make your own rules and create things from nothing, you will be ridiculed. People will talk about you like you are crazy and your friends will possibly even distance themselves from you at times. The real magic though comes when you have forged a new path and you have people who want to follow you or to be led by your example. People say that there are no jobs right now. That is not even close to the truth. The truth is that there aren't any jobs that fit their rules and belief systems that they have diligently built over their lifetimes. Read that sentence again for true clarity.

    I have been stimulated through my daily practice of reading and listening to entrepreneurs, spiritual thinkers, and even those who have created incredible things from nothing. I believe that our capacities are endless when our will is in the right place. Recently, I have been receiving so much feedback from my close friends about my direction and it seems to match up with my own desires, which is somewhat uncommon. When someone tells you that you can do something, do you generally believe them or consult with your belief systems first? If it's the latter, wouldn't it make sense to keep those belief systems open and lubricated for proper operation?

    I have heard it said so many times that we don't need less bills, we just need to make more money. We do not need less enemies, we just need more friends. We do not need another job, we just need another frame of mind to create the abundance that we deserve. I found myself so grateful for my health today when I learned that a friend of mine from a show that I was in years ago was paralyzed from the neck down due to a disease that anyone can get. It breaks down your immune system and you lose all of your strength. This made me think even harder about my own path and what it truly means to me.

    Being leveraged by others, puts a hold on your dreams. Working 40 to 60 hours a week blocks your ability to see that there is so much that you could accomplish outside of just paying your bills. The other reward that is tucked inside all of this like a prize in a Cracker Jacks box, is that once you become stronger following your passion, you can help several others to do the same thing. How incredible is that?  Helping other people get what they want will always cause you to get what you want. It is tried and true with no exceptions.

    So the next time that you roll over in bed and wish that you did not have to go to work, ask yourself if you are willing to take the step to finding out how that could be possible? Your time, talent, message, and energy is important right now to share with the world on any level that you see fit. Expose all of your gifts now before the thief in your mind tells you that it too late.

    The magic is on the path and the path is in the magic. Enjoy the day...



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