A Day Of Wander

  Sometimes we need to just flow and allow things to happen for a few days at a time. Please do not confuse that sentence with just letting life happen without any of your own influence. We influence every day either directly or indirectly, but I digress. I am speaking of just walking outside and aimlessly traveling through the day and just taking it all in gratefully, openly, and clearly.

   Yesterday I was notified that a close friend of mine had taken his life. This hit me hard because I felt it brewing for a long time. The thing that keeps me going though, is that he was an example of what can happen from the inside out if you do not continue to filter the old for the new. His energy was heavy each and every time that I saw him, however, he always smiled at me and I always made him laugh. He was such a great guy with so much love inside of him. I cannot place any judgment on him for taking his life, because I do not know first hand how much pain he truly carried around with him daily. Given a particular set of circumstances over a non specific period of time, any human being can reach their breaking point. He definitely reached his. I actually felt very strongly the last time that we were together a week ago to ask him if he was contemplating taking his own life. Unfortunately, I did not ask him. Three days from that strong gut feeling, he did just that. Coincidence? I think not.

   So why is it important to just wander with no destination? My answer in short is that it allows your mind to notice what is happening around you when you are not actually engaged in any set action or working on any specific project. I like to call it a "walking mind spa". Being here in NYC a day before Christmas is in no way comparable to a spa mind you, it's probably more like a "walking mind circus"!Either way, I am on my way out to just be in the moment and wander, just let it all drip out of the mental faucet as it sees fit. I enjoy this little exercise and I have not done it in quite some time.

   If you cannot take between 10 minutes and 10 hours to just reboot either in silence or out in the world, how will you ever feel the true moisture of the soil in your soul? By the way, if you have never read the magazine called " Whole Living", do yourself a favor and go to your local book store and sit down with it from cover to cover and see how it affects you. I received it in the mail today because I get a subscription. It is truly magic and it makes me glow from the inside out. This is just a soft suggestion.

   The magic in today is in declaring that doing nothing a few times a month or even a week for that matter can ignite the coals that are presently wet and unable to light. This is just my 2 cents for the day. I am off into the possible....Thank you for reading this. Your energy is felt more than you know.





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