"You Made My Day"

  In this life we have so many ways to make others smile. The great thing is that sometimes you do not even know that you are doing it. Yesterday I was walking into one of my favorite juice places in the city and I had an interaction with a woman that truly warmed my heart.

  Firstly, you never know who you are talking to in the world when you open your mouth. By that I mean, you don't know who know who or who is connected to whom. The first thing that got my attention right away was the way that I was greeted when I stepped into the spot, which is about 4 feet long tin each direction for the customer. The guy behind the counter smiled and said hello and his boss, who turned out to be the owner, greeted me with warmth as well. Remember, I have never met either of these people before in my entire life. I had been in this place maybe 4 times prior to yesterday, however, this time was special.

   I started out by asking if he could make me a smoothie with blueberries, coconut water, and ginger. Then from my side, the woman told me that she could make it by charging me for the actual coconut water in the package next to me in the cooler. I was fine with that and he began to make it. I thanked her and shook her hand and this strong energy shot through my hand when she clenched my hand firmly and purposefully. I immediately felt connected to her aura and authentic vibe. I complimented her right away on her wonderful shake and then the conversation began. We covered the service aspect and the way that she loves her people because of who they are and how they treat customers. She was very clear with me that she is not as good at it for extended periods of time as they are.

    As we spoke, she told me of her other location, which I frequent as well. I just did not realize that the other place was connected to the one that I was in. Anyhow, I took that opportunity to tell her about a great interaction that I had there one day. I had ordered a juice there and then I grabbed a power bar as well. The person serving me urged me not to eat that and drink the juice at the same time. He explained that it would upset my stomach and not be a good thing. I remember stopping and thinking for a moment that he was right. I thanked him for making me aware of that and I walked away in amazement. Why did he care about me in that way? Why did he take that extra step to protect my well being? I did not need an answer really, It just felt so wonderful and it left me in a state of gratitude. I never forgot that moment.

    After relaying that story to her and exchanging cards and just being in the moment, she smiled and looked at me and said, "You just made my day". A medium sized tingle shot through my chest and it was divine. It was not my intention to come in there and have a 10 minute conversation with this woman, however, the gift in that moment was magic without a question. I was able to relay that story, meet her, get an amazing smoothie that oozed of natural galvanizing ingredients, and I made a difference in her day as well as the person behind the counter. What more can I say? Go here>>> Juicy Lucy Juice Bar to find out more about this place.

    As I write these postings and have such a great time doing it, I realize that my focus is changing day by day. What once may have been irritating is now interesting. What was once difficult, is now just challenging. What comes out on these posts is in direct relation to what I am concentrating on each and every day.

    I read a piece of information in the book Think And Grow Rich yesterday and I found it to be very interesting. It said that there are seven major positive emotions and seven major negative emotions. The negatives "voluntarily" inject themselves into the thought impulses that insure passage into the subconscious mind. The positives must be injected through the principle of autosuggestion into the thought impulses that an individual wishes to pass on to their subconscious mind. That is incredible to me.

    So in closing, I make a challenge to you to look for more magic today and ignore the negativity. There is magic in every day for sure. The more that I look for it the more I see it in a very plentiful way. May positivity, grace, and forward motion be your shadow...



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