Recently, I have become a bit more sensitive to this word and what it really means to some people. It seems that the word "work" is used to create a sense of purpose even when that purpose is not to your advantage or to your liking. If you have a "job", then you show up each day and trade about 75% of your day and you give it all that you can. If you do not have a job, you are still working in other ways that still may or may not be connected to a goal that will move you forward in a mental way. So what are we "working" for exactly?

   We all have things that have to be taken care of in our every day lives. These bills come every month even when we don't want them to without fail. However, how much of what you pay for do you really need to be truly content? I watch so many of my friends work so hard to maintain things that are actually pushing them backwards. I say this not because I see it personally, but because they tell me about it themselves. I caught myself about to buy something last week that was not necessary at all. I had something comparable, yet the shiny newness of this particular item mesmerized me momentarily and I almost lost my footing. It was a close call.

    So we work to buy things after we pay the bills. In some cases, we work to buy the things and then we hide from the bills for as long as we can. I recently gave a ton of clothing, toiletries, and other random things to a woman who was sending it to Cuba. I thought of how hard I worked to acquire all of those things and then I realized how much of it had been given to me as well. The truth of the matter is that work means different things to different people. Old school thinking says that we must work hard to get ahead. Modern day thinking says that getting ahead is best accomplished by leveraging others to do what you do not want to do. So while you leverage the talents and skills of others, they work and you both make a living in the process.

     In this day and age when "RECESS IS ON", which is my play on words to describe the current consciousness by in large, work is such a common and negative conversation. There are lots of unconventional "jobs" and much less traditional and conventional ones. There have been so many inventions that cut out the human interaction and still arrive at the same result of a sale or a transfer or anything along those lines. So if we are slowly being downsized out of traditional work, where does that lead us? Just something to think about...

      This word is not meant to be poison in my opinion, yet it is somehow becoming that way. It's all up to your own perspective at the end of the day. How do you see it? How does it flow through your filter? Do these sentences send certain messages into your system? Read these and let me know:
  • "I am working through this."
  • "This is a work in process."
  • "That will take a great deal of work."
  • "This is not working out to well."
  • "You have got your work cut out for you."
  • " That woman is a work horse."
  • "I sure hope that works to your advantage."
      So do what you have to do to get what you want. Just don't be narrow minded and think that you have to be a slave to the system. Work is a four letter word, yet so is play. How would you feel telling someone that you will be playing from 9 to 5 every day? You know what they would say don't you? They would probably say, "How's that working out for you? In closing, here is a magic question. Think of one thing that can be described as play to you that could also be used to make a living. Then for extra spiritual credit, go out and challenge yourself by doing it even for one day!!

                               My work is done here.                                                 Chase


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