When You See Something, Do Something

  I warn you that this posting will go from "tragic" to "magic" this time around. I see so many things as I travel through the days and this was no exception. People seem to expose their personal sides in public more and more these days, and the following story exhibits this in more ways than one.

  So there I was, walking down the street by myself. Up ahead, I see what looks like a Japanese couple talking to each other in a very heated fashion. As I was just about to pass them, I see the woman grab the guy by his chin area and I hear her say, "You see? This is what you do to me all of the time! This doesn't feel good does it?" Well, I was a bit taken aback by her words and then I felt something would happen right afterward. I was absolutely correct, I turned around after passing them, and saw him swing at her and his hand landed on her face. Yes this is happening in broad daylight on 23rd Street and Madison Avenue. My heart sunk and I was stopped cold in my tracks. What happened next was where the magic starts.

   As soon as he hit her, a group of people that were comprised of 3 girls and one guy stopped and stood in between the couple. Actually, the guy of the group stood in front of the guy who hit the girl. They all started talking and then the guy who was the slugger started to walk ahead and the woman stayed with the strangers. You could tell that this guy was completely oblivious to the fact that he just slapped his woman in front of tons of people. It truly blew me away. I was just amazed at how they took a stand to protect her in a millisecond! It was such a gift to watch complete strangers offer themselves as a security blanket when there was seemingly nothing in it for them. The truth is that there was something in it for them, the ability to serve one another.

   These people walked the woman to the train and the guy actually went another way and vanished in a couple of seconds. So what would you have done? maybe you would have done nothing? Maybe I would have done the same thing if I was close at the time, actually, I know that I would have. My point is that most people would have thought about their own danger if they interfered with an already violent situation. However, these individuals just stepped right into the situation and diffused it with their solidarity. I saw the entire thing from start to finish and it moved me.

    I have read may times that if you can learn to serve others without always just concentrating on yourself, that many things will shift in your life. Actually, after reading it, I have seen it many times in my own life and I know that it is true because I have lived it. These people did not have to step in and do anything at all. They could have just stood by in a comfortable and no caring way and watched it from a far and no one would have been hurt. I did that. I watched from a far, however, I too was rewarded with a great gift.  The gift was the knowing that humans can do some amazing things when they set there minds to it and that we are all connected through our strengths and weaknesses.

    On another street, at another time, on another day, it could have gone so much differently. I am so thankful to have seen this all happen in a heart beat. It soothed me and rebooted my faith in human compassion. Hands down for abuse, hands up for unconditional love.

                                                             Each of us, need everyone of us,



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